Employers may not discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender, national origin, pregnancy, disability or religion.  This kind of discrimination may take the form of harassment, termination, demotion, hostile work environment, failure to hire, and other adverse employment actions.  We are here to stand up for your rights when these things happen.

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retaliation & whistle-blowing

The law prohibits employers from retaliating against you simply for speaking out against discrimination. This means an employer cannot alter the terms and conditions of your employment because you exercised your lawful rights to report wrongdoing in the workplace.  Common examples of retaliation include termination, demotion or reduced earnings or job opportunities because you have reported harassment/discrimination, requested FMLA benefits, filed a worker’s compensation claim, blown the whistle or reported illegal activity by the company to a governmental agency, or objected to or refused to participate in illegal activity or improper conduct.

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