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Spinal injury

$4,500,000 settlement arising from spinal cord injury resulting from a one-car accident in outstate Missouri

crosswalk injury

$5,800,000 judgment arising from driver striking pedestrian in a crosswalk causing severe neurological injuries

false imprisonment

$1,300,000 verdict against security company for false imprisonment, assault and battery

sexual harassment

$750,000 verdict in a sexual harassment hostile environment case against a sales and telemarketing company

merchandising practices

$2,000 to every Missouri class member who owned a 2003 – 2008 Nissan Infiniti FX35 or FX45 on December 14, 2009 due to dashboard prone to bubbling.

underpaid nurses

$5,800,000 class action settlement on behalf of hourly, nursing home employees in Missouri who worked off-the-clock

inadequate protective garment

$750,000 verdict against Leggett & Platt and Cintas arising from burns sustained by a worker splashed with molten aluminum

negligent driver

$4,000,000 verdict arising from injuries sustained by a driver rear-ended by a semi-truck

racial discrimination

$300,000 arbitration award on behalf of a union trade worker in a racial discrimination case

sexual harassment

$220,000 arbitration award for a for nursing home worker who was sexually harassed at work

off-the-clock work settlement

$2,500,000 settlement of FLSA overtime claims on behalf of hourly nursing home employees who performed off-the clock work during meal breaks due to short staffing.

injury sustained during alleged criminal action

$2,000,000 settlement for an alleged shoplifter who was shot by a store clerk while leaving the store and rendered paraplegic.