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Consult With an Experienced Dangerous Conditions Attorney

If you have been injured because of a dangerous condition created by someone else, you should contact an attorney skilled at litigation resulting from dangerous conditions right away.

The attorneys at Davis George Mook in Kansas City, MO, have experience representing people that have been injured as a result of dangerous conditions. If you believe you are entitled to compensation for injuries suffered as the result of a dangerous situation, contact our office for more information and to schedule a consultation.

Situations Where Dangerous Conditions Exist

Dangerous conditions can be found in places you would not normally expect-in a hospital, in a grocery store, in an office building, in a poorly designed construction area, or on the street while you're just taking a stroll with your dog. Even highways, barrier cables, and guardrails are sometimes designed or built in a way that creates dangerous situations. If you or a loved one are injured because of a dangerous condition that should not exist, the qualified attorneys at Davis George Mook may be able to help.

Property Defects

People are often injured as a result of property defects such as wet floors or icy steps that cause a person to slip and fall, falling merchandise or displays at a store that cause serious physical harm, and uneven or crumbling sidewalks, stairs, or floor tiles that present a trip hazard.

Other Dangers in Public Places

Other instances where dangerous conditions cause injuries to unsuspecting people include hazards at places of public accommodation, like concert venues, sports arenas, retail establishments, and other places where people gather.

While these places might not have obvious property defects, those in charge at a venue can still create dangerous situations when they don't properly deal with physical dangers. For example, someone could be seriously injured near a construction site that isn't properly marked off or at a concert venue where technicians don't correctly handle power cords. Additionally, dangerous situations can arise when property owners turn a blind eye to criminal activities occurring on their premises.

If you have been involved in an accident due to a dangerous situation, you shouldn't have to suffer because of someone else's carelessness. Contact the offices of Davis George Mook to schedule a consultation and to learn more about your options.

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